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Cardone 6D-17000A Diesel Particulate Filter

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Part Name: Diesel Particulate FilterBrand: CardonePart#: 6D-17000A
Diesel Particulate Filter A1 6D-17000A
Diesel Particulate Filter A1 6D-17000ADiesel Particulate Filter A1 6D-17000ADiesel Particulate Filter A1 6D-17000A

Cardone 6D-17000A Diesel Particulate Filter



  • Diesel Particulate Filter Reman

Part Specifications:

  • Package Contents : Diesel Particulate Filter, Gaskets, Mounting Hardware, (2) Temperature Sensors, Oxygen Sensor
  • Color/Finish : Gray/Steel
  • Product Condition : Remanufactured
  • Material : Steel, Ceramic, Quartz Wool
  • Mounting Hardware Included : Yes
  • Inlet Flange Mounting : 3 Studs
  • Filter Housing Width : 10.0"
  • Total Length : 34"
  • Filter Housing Length : 11.5"
  • Outlet Outside Diameter : 4.0"
  • Inlet Outside Diameter : 4.0"
  • California Air Resources Board Approved : No


  • A1 CARDONE Remanufactured Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) undergo an exclusive, in-house developed cleaning process. OE replacement has been the only repair option until now. A1 CARDONE DPFs are 20% more cost effective than OE creating an ideal solution to your next repair. Each unit is tested for function before entering the cleaning process to make sure the best cores are chosen to be remanufactured. External surfaces are then cleaned and treated to renew the factory-fresh appearance. This latest innovative offering is an example of CARDONE’s continued commitment to the environment and our customers.
  • Parts are cleaned using advanced technology to remove loose particulate matter and baked at high temperatures for extended time periods to reach required performance levels
  • Each unit is flow tested to on-car exhaust levels before and after the remanufacturing process to verify it meets OE performance specs
  • After reassembly, units are media blasted and coated to preserve exterior appearance and increase corrosion protection
  • Exhaust hangers and sensor mount holes are welded, where necessary, to return each part to factory fit and function
  • All applicable, OE-quality temperature sensors and sealing gaskets are provided to ensure a complete repair.
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