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Mevotech MS40502 Suspension Ball Joint

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Part Name: Suspension Ball JointBrand: MevotechPart#: MS40502
Suspension Ball Joint ME MS40502
Suspension Ball Joint ME MS40502Suspension Ball Joint ME MS40502Suspension Ball Joint ME MS40502

Mevotech MS40502 Suspension Ball Joint



  • Suspension Ball Joint

Part Specifications:

  • X4 : Ball pin locks into the ball stud to better control the movement of the ball pin while nut is being tightened.
  • X7 : Knurled housing design improves the contact area and provides snug fit.
  • X17 : Corrosion resistant coating protects against heat and harsh weather conditions.
  • X1 : Metal-to-metal sintered bearing with added grease channels withstands tough loads and extreme heat to prevent part failure and extend life.
  • X10 : Engineered polymer boot 6x more durable than industry standard includes bellows to avoid pinching and tearing as ball joint swings.
  • X12 : Specially designed nuts include nylon inserts, crimping features and castle nuts with cotter pins that help maintain torque integrity.
  • H2 : Includes application-specific heat treated hardware which exceeds industry standards and makes installation safer and easier.


  • ENGINEERED IN CANADA. Uncompromised quality and optimum performance utilizing Mevotech's X-Factor upgrades and enhancements. Comprehensive coverage for all makes and models, provides smooth and quiet ride.
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