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Cardone 5H-4012 Drive Motor Battery Pack

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Part Name: Drive Motor Battery PackBrand: CardonePart#: 5H-4012
Drive Motor Battery Pack A1 5H-4012
Drive Motor Battery Pack A1 5H-4012Drive Motor Battery Pack A1 5H-4012Drive Motor Battery Pack A1 5H-4012

Cardone 5H-4012 Drive Motor Battery Pack



  • Hybrid Drive Battery Reman

Part Specifications:

  • Package Contents : Hybrid Drive Battery
  • Product Condition : Remanufactured
  • Battery Pack Voltage : 288
  • Overall Dimensions : 34 in. x 19 in. x 12.5 in.
  • Number of Battery Modules : 40
  • Module Voltage : 7.2
  • Battery Type : NiMH
  • Battery Pack Weight : 126 lbs


  • A1 CARDONE's Remanufactured Hybrid Drive Battery program is a perfect blend of quality and affordability. Remanufactured in the U.S.A, each unit comes fully charged and ready for installation. All supporting components are included in the battery and shipped in a protective wood crate to ensure a damage free unit.
  • Each Electronic Control Unit is renewed and 100% tested to ensure battery does not fail without warning
  • Each battery pack is entirely balanced to ensure each module is operating with consistent efficiency
  • Relays are 100% tested, which is critical to ensure long lasting battery life
  • NiMH modules are recharged to ensure product reliability and long life
  • Each battery unit is 100% tested to ensure optimal performance
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