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Cardone 7V-7000P Engine Variable Timing Sprocket

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Part Name: Engine Variable Timing SprocketBrand: CardonePart#: 7V-7000P
Engine Variable Timing Sprocket A1 7V-7000P
Engine Variable Timing Sprocket A1 7V-7000PEngine Variable Timing Sprocket A1 7V-7000PEngine Variable Timing Sprocket A1 7V-7000P

Cardone 7V-7000P Engine Variable Timing Sprocket



  • Camshaft Phaser New

Part Specifications:

  • Finish : Zinc Plated
  • Color : Silver
  • Package Contents : Cam Phaser
  • Product Condition : New
  • Material : Steel
  • Mounting Hardware Included : No
  • Grade Type : Regular
  • Meets or Exceeds Original Equipment Manufacture Specifications : Yes
  • Gear Diameter : 68 mm
  • Tooth Quantity : 25
  • Body Diameter : 85 mm


  • Your engine’s fuel economy and power depend greatly on complex electronic processes that control precisely when fuel and air are added to the combustion chamber. Your vehicle’s Cam Phaser advances or retards valve timing to optimize for various power and economy requirements. When this unit begins to fail, a ticking noise can sometimes be heard, and a check engine light may illuminate. Dirt and debris may be trapped inside the phaser due to lack of oil, long oil change intervals, and excess wear of internal metal components, ultimately causing part failure.It’s critical to replace your malfunctioning Cam Phaser with a properly engineered, durable unit. CARDONE Select Cam Phasers are made in accordance with strict performance and quality standards, restoring your valve timing system and improving overall engine efficiency.
  • Improves engine performance and restores fuel economy lost from poor VVT system performance.
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