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Dayco 2B17520 Accessory Drive Belt

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Part Name: Accessory Drive BeltBrand: DaycoPart#: 2B17520
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Dayco 2B17520 Accessory Drive Belt




Part Specifications:

  • Top Width (Describes Measurement) : 1.13
  • Effective Length (Describes Measurement) : 52.00
  • Effective Length (Describes Measurement) : 1320.80
  • Outside Circumference (Describes Measurement) : 53.07
  • Outside Circumference (Describes Measurement) : 1347.98
  • Rib Quantity (Describes Quantity) : 2
  • Angle : 40
  • Material (Describes Material) : Synthetic Rubber Compound
  • Belt Construction : Banded Cogged
  • Banded Belt : Y
  • Color (Describes Color) : Black
  • Standards : SAE J636, SAE J637
  • Minimum Operating Temperature : -37.2
  • Maximum Operating Temperature : 79.4
  • Minimum Operating Temperature : -35
  • Maximum Operating Temperature : 175


  • Designed for OE multiple groove pulleys, Dayco® Banded V-Belts are specifically designed for applications where original equipment pulley drive design requires the use of two v-belts joined together by a tie band. The belt's Raw Edge® construction, 3-ply laminated fabric and neoprene compounding ensures superior gripping power while the bottom cog construction provides extreme flexibility and cooling. By combining two belts utilizing the tie-band process, the Dayco® Banded V-Belt greatly reduces the tendency for single belts, when subjected to fluctuating load tensions, to come off or turn over in multiple belt pulley drives.
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