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Dayco L557 Accessory Drive Belt

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Part Name: Accessory Drive BeltBrand: DaycoPart#: L557
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Dayco L557 Accessory Drive Belt




Part Specifications:

  • Top Width (Describes Measurement) : .656
  • Top Width (Describes Measurement) : 17
  • Outside Circumference (Describes Measurement) : 57.00
  • Outside Circumference (Describes Measurement) : 1447.80
  • Angle : 40
  • Material (Describes Material) : Synthetic Rubber Compound
  • Belt Construction : Wrapped
  • Banded Belt : N
  • Color (Describes Color) : Black


  • Designed for heavy duty use on lawn & grounds, home, farm, shop or industrial applications this Dayco® GPL® Premium Utility V-Belt operates efficiently even when subjected to temperature extremes, high humidity, moisture, grit, oil and grease. Aramid fiber cord protects against shock loading and stabilizes belt length. The specifically engineered cover, which closely resembles OEM type belts, delivers optimum controlled clutching for maximum power transfer while the cover’s distinctive black and white (salt and pepper) pattern allows for easy product identification. The Dayco® GPL® Premium Utility V-Belt is recommended for heavy duty lawn and garden equipment... especially where superior load carrying capacity, extra heavy clutching and reverse bend characteristics are required.
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